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What is so Special About Gaited Horses?

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What is so Special About Gaited Horses?

Gaited Horses come in all shapes and sizes, in all temperments and colors; they are truly like Ice Cream. Each breed having it’s own unique and sweet flavor, but different from the rest.

Gaited horses can and do perform in dressage, trail riding, endurance and many other equine activities. The thing that separates them from the other horses, their unique smooth gait, allowing their rider to enjoy the activities without as much exertion on the riders part!

Once you have experienced the SMOOTH RIDE of a gaited horse, there is often no turning back! Welcome to the world of gaited horses!

Paso Fino ... the smoothest riding horse in the world!

Peruvian Paso ... brio, gait, and elegance!

Aegidienberger ... energy and nerve!

Icelandic horse ... horse of the Vikings!

Mangalarga Marchador ... national Horse of Brasil!

Paso Fino