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Peruvian Paso

The Peruvian Paso Horse

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... brio, gait, and elegance!

Something for Everyone: Thanks to its unique, inborn, four-beat lateral gait, the Peruvian horse is one of the smoothest riding horse in the world.
The ultimate in equestrian luxury, Peruvian horses are desired for their smooth, comfortable ride, as well as for their legendary heritage. To ride a Peruvian is to experience a horse of unparalleled smoothness and generosity of spirit, a horse whose elegance combines with temperament to achieve the ultimate in comfort, luxury and performance. For the discerning horseman, the Peruvian horse is the epitome of equestrian luxury.


The characteristic that makes the Peruvian horse truly unique is its ambling four-beat gait. Whereas trotting horses have a vertical bounce that tires out the rider, Peruvians have a smooth gait that allows them to be ridden for hours on end. This smooth, harmonious gait that is considered the essence of the breed, and is most desirable among breeders, riders and aficionados of Peruvians.
The Peruvian Paso transmits its smooth gait to all purebred foals. No artificial devices or special training aids are necessary to enable the horse to perform its uniquely splendid gait. In addition, the Peruvian is the only horse in the world with "termino" which is a graceful, flowing movement in which the forelegs are rolled towards the outside as the horse strides forward, much like the arm motion of a swimmer. "Termino" is a spectacular and beautiful natural action.

The Peruvian’s signature gait, paso llano, is an isochronous lateral gait, meaning that it has four equal beats and is performed laterally. This natural four-beat footfall (left hind, left fore, right hind, right fore) is entirely natural, and is performed without any special devices or training. The smooth gait of the Peruvian horse makes it able to travel vast distances without losing strength or tiring out its rider. This unique gait, combined with brio, make the Peruvian the most pleasurable horse in the world to ride.


The word brio refers to the complex temperament of a horse that makes it such a pleasure to ride. It implies vigor, courage, and determination. A horse with true brio is confident and proud of its ability, but willingly places all of its abilities in the service of the rider. It is this willingness that causes the horse to give you everything you could want, and then more.

Brio (roughly translated as “spirit”) is the heart and soul of the Peruvian horse, and gives great determination. Even when traveling great distances or when met with challenges, the horse gives everything it has to the rider. In this way, brio makes Peruvians much more pleasurable and enthralling to ride, and gives them an unparalleled spirit. Like the war horses of the conquistadors and the long distance horses of the Northern Peruvian plantations, modern Peruvians exhibit a boldness and willingness to serve that makes them unlike any other breed of horse.


Although a newcomer to North America, the Peruvian Paso had its origins over four centuries ago in
South America, where the horses brought to Peru by the conquistadores and subsequent Spanish settlers were bred selectively to produce the genetic miracle which became the "National Horse of Peru."
The judicious fusion of several Old World breeds provided the foundation for the Peruvian horse.
The Spanish Jennet gave its even temperament and smooth ambling gait, the African Barb contributed great energy, strength and stamina while the Andalusian imparted its excellent conformation, action, proud carriage and beauty to the new breed.
Once established, the Peruvian Paso was maintained in its native country as a closed population, isolated by geography and the dedication of its creators from the influence of additional outside blood.


Paso Fino Aegidienberger