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Mangalarga Marchador


©Stuewer www.stuewer-tierfoto.de

... national Horse of Brasil!

The Mangalarga Marchador is the National Horse of Brasil. The Mangalarga Marchador with over 200,000 registries in Brazil.
The name Mangalarga comes from the Hacienda Mangalarga which acquired stock from Campo Alegre
( Gabriel Francisco' breeding farm) and awakened interest in the horse among local ranchers. The horses smooth, cadenced and rhythmic gait, the marcha, contributed to the second name the Mangalarga Marchador was created.
The first association for the Mangalarga Marchador horse was founded in 1949 to set standards in confirmation, disposition, and gait.


Mangalarga Marchador

©Tierfotografie Neddens

Of the two Marchas:

Icelandic horse