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... energy and nerve!

The Aegidienberger is a gaited horse hailing from Germany and became officially recognized as a breed of horse at the end of the 20th century.
The Aegidienberger was developed by a cross between the elegant Peruvian Paso and the pure blood of the hardy Icelandic horse, combined to create a larger gaited animal. The goal of the breed is to create a more elegant horse, who is more adapted to our clima than the Icelandic Horse.
Both breeds bring unique characteristics to the Aegidienberger. Icelandic horses contribute their strength and ability to with stand the elements. The Paso provides size and a refined elegance to confirmation.
The resulting animal is also gifted with the tölt gait.

The Aegidenberger stands at least 13 hands high, and can reach up to 15 hands.
All colors are permitted for this breed

Peruvian Paso Stallion Zingaro GG

approved to breed Aegidienberger

Isländer & Paso = F1
F1 & Isländer = R1
R1 & F1 = Aegidienberger


The goal of the breed

"A natural tölting horse who is elegant and easy to ride with a flawless character, energy and nerve. The horses should tölt natural at the hand in every intersection step - if not, they are excluded from the breeding Tölt meens a clear four tact with much movement and room handle. Tact postponements for example such as the Sobreandando are not accepted. Elegance doesn't just mean beauty in the classical sense of material evaluation. Correct lines but a unattractive optic is not accepted. They should be horses with beautiful mane, good presentation, proud and noble appearance and be pleasing to the eye" in order to be eligible for enrollment in the breed.

Aegidienberger should have clearly more hight than the Iceland horses. Controllable temperament, wide average in speed, stable foundation are just as desired as willingness, endurance and no problemes with the achievement readiness, endurance and problem-free to hold in the stable."


Peruvian Paso Icelandic horse