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Satisfaction, Ease and Fun

Our principle is satisfaction, ease and fun working with horse and rider.

In our wide program, which includes “Open House Days” clinics up to show preparation, you’ll find something for yourself, too. Chose from our program or create your individual training program fitting your needs and wishes.

For our clinic- and training offers there is no special requirement for horses and riders. The clinics are in tune with the participants.

Offers all over the year

Instruction, Correction and Individual Training for horse and rider

Individual training:
with prior consultation you can book single or group lessons. We offer an individual training under saddle or, if needed, also a combination of ground- and saddle work.

At all events at the Eichenhof you can participate with one of our Paso Peruanos / Paso Finos.

Clinics on request:

We also do come to your place: with prior consultation you can book Richard Oré for clinics and seminars with your own group in your environment.

We appreciate your early call for arrangements.

Clinic offers:

Get to know the horses

Gait I

Gait I (also for beginners, open for all gaited horses)
Basics of riding the gait. Influence in Walk and Gait, driving and „verwahrende“ aids. See, understand and improve quality of gait and energy. To cause tension and reduction of tension. See and understand mistakes in gait and rhythm.

Gait II

Gait II (for advanced riders, open for all gaited horses)
Supporting the gait. Improving and supporting the gait. Individual lessons with specific training recommendations. Giving attention to the individual gaited breeds. Nice and rhythmic riding of the typical gait. Building up and keeping the typical gait.

Show preparation

Bosal work

Introduction into effect and use of the Columbian bosal. Fitting of the bosal. Effect of the different types of bosals. Circles, flexing, position of reins, working on the gait. Open for all breeds.